Aligning personality types with leadership roles

With Willem de Wit. When Kasper Rorsted joined Adidas as CEO in 2016, the stock price soared. But by the time of his departure in November 2022, the stock price had fallen below its initial level. This must have been a disappointment for a leader who had always valued profitability. Was the cause related to …

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Do you see blue light?

With Menno Graaf, Niels Mani, Emmo Meijer, Kerstin Zulechner. A story about the flow approach The results of the flow approach speak for themselves. At the beginning of a collaboration, our clients often ask for a description of the flow approach, which also speaks for itself. Our colleague Kevin Fox tells a story which is …

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Is your main problem the root cause?

With Menno Graaf, Niels Mani, Emmo Meijer. A Root cause analysis is revealing and inspiring Almost everyone will agree with the saying that you have to tackle problems at the root. However, the logical analysis which reduces consequences to causes and ultimately the `root cause’, is not widely applied. We like to start a collaboration …

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FLOW highlights

With Menno Graaf, Ian Heptinstall, Emmo Meijer and Kerstin Zulechner. Flow in project programs Since the beginning of this year, we have been writing about flow in innovation management and project programs. These are specialist texts *[i]. To achieve more project flow or more successful innovation projects, decisions at the top-management level are needed. This …

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How you can boost innovation with FLOW

With Menno Graaf, Ian Heptinstall, Hugo van Merrienboer and Emmo Meijer. Speed up time to market of innovations as well as new projects We now know that project portfolios can be executed >25% faster. All relevant knowled­ge, expe­­­­rien­­ce and examples are available. We will be happy to share them with you.[1] The leap in productivity …

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Fast lanes for all projects

With Menno Graaf, Ian Heptinstall and Emmo Meijer. Ukraine crisis makes managing the bottlenecks in infrastructure sector highly urgent The starting point of this blog series is that the bottleneck for societal challenges such as the energy transition, climate adaptation and the Dutch Replacement & Renovation Task (V&R) lies in the infrastructure sector. Our objective …

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Process innovation for harmony + win win win


With Menno Graaf, Ian Heptinstall and Emmo Meijer. The critical chain and a reader’s question In our previous blog, we wrote that the critical chain is the longest sequence of tasks in a project which, due to interdependencies, must be performed one after the other. This is by necessity the fastest possible way to carry …

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You can use the bottleneck to accelerate

You can use the bottleneck in projects to accelerate

With Menno Graaf and Emmo Meijer. Increasing the output of the infrastructure sector by a quantum leap Our previous blog concludes that the bottleneck lies in the infrastructure sector where it concerns the total of major societal challenges such as the energy transition, the replacement and renovation of infrastructure, and climate adaptation. We have asked …

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The bottleneck in the infrastructure sector


With Menno Graaf and Emmo Meijer. The Dutch have to deliver another masterpiece God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands. The Dutch are faced with the historical task of having to deliver another masterpiece. Rijkswaterstaat, provinces, municipalities and private enterprises are working on the replacement and renovation of bridges, viaducts and sluices. …

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The secret of ladders and leaders

Where is the leader?

Where are the leaders? There are many reasons why people should do more to make better use of human ingenuity. Seldom were the challenges to humanity so great: life-threatening heatwaves and flooding related to global warming as well as the need for energy transition, to mention a few, demand the utmost innovation power. At the …

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