When the wind of change is blowing some people build walls, others build windmills.

The more likely standard-bearers of creative destruction will be existing firms, (…) which raised enough money before the crisis to survive it and will maintain their flair for innovation. They will, however, have to be quick at shifting from growth to survival and back again, and at embracing new business plans if their old ones are no longer viable.

May 16th 2020

Do all that you can to raise productivity, because in the long run that matters the most.

Ray Dalio, Founder and Co Chairman of Bridgewater

Crises engulf companies in uncertainty. The ones that suffer from imploding demand, weak balance sheets, and little cash may go under. This is the dire site of capitalistic Darwinism.

No matter how dire things get, two things stand out as certain. First, experience tells that crises are followed by economic recoveries. Second, enterprises that prepare for the recovery, by improving work practices and innovation, can benefit from the crisis and will come out stronger. After the crisis, the economic upturn will favour innovative enterprises the most. Building windmills pays off.


We help your company to:

  • Establish smooth and effective remote working processes;
  • Use the lull of the downturn to improve its multi project management performance and free up capacity for innovation;
  • Innovate by creating new goods and services for the crisis and beyond.

We are experts at Innovation and Multi Project Management Flow. We have a track record of improving the output of effective innovation and other projects with > 15%.

Regarding the crisis our clients tell us:

“Oil prices are at historical lows. This will surely change our business. We must use this crisis to both optimize our multi project management and innovate to prepare for a future in off shore energy.”
“The Corona crisis forces work to go online and managers to organise multi project management in such a way that execution management can be done in remote mode. This has positive side effects on commuting time as well as the planet, which makes me think that remote working is here to stay.”
“We did not develop a vision on remote working and are paying a price for that now. We have an urgent need to catch up on best practices in managing work processes remotely”

On working with us our clients say:


We help enterprises to navigate through the crisis and prepare for a successful recovery by combining three tactics:

Enabling effective remote working by adapting multi project management techniques;
Leveraging the output of multi project management portfolios by > 15% and freeing up capacity for innovation;
Capitalising on opportunities the changing world offers for innovation.

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