Who are we?

We are a team of professionals who help to enable multi project management flow, Remote Concerted Working and innovation. We have deep knowledge about the underlying processes and are happy to share our experiences with clients.

In our vision, leadership in a crisis amounts to securing existing business and safeguarding and improving productivity. Leadership also means identifying business opportunities in the crisis and capitalising on them to create a sustainable future in an ever-increasing dynamic world.

Well positioned enterprises that are prepared for the future is the final goal of our consultancy.

Willem de WitWillem de Wit

Managing Director

Willem de Wit holds a Master in Philosophy from the University of Leiden. He continues his quest for truth in the field of leadership and organisations. He is not easily satisfied with answers and will keep asking questions until it is clear what will work in practice.

Philosophical rigour makes it clear that good solutions turn out to be ineffective when applied to the wrong case. Agile project management is a good example. It works perfectly well in single software development projects but needs amendments to improve flow (output) on a strategic level.

Willem developed Innovation Dialogues with experts in the field and C-level leaders. In his vision combining Multi Project Management Flow with Innovation Effectiveness can generate significant leaps in the short- and long-run productivity of many organisations.

Willem lives in the Netherlands and Germany. He has a partner and two little daughters to whom he devotes his private time.

Menno GraafMenno Graaf

Senior Implementation Manager

It would need many words to describe Menno Graaf‘s contribution to Multi Project Management Flow because he facilitated so many implementations, among them worldwide large scale ones. Just check his LinkedIn Profile to see them all. The summary, however, can be kept short: Menno has seen it all, from Agile to Lean, and he brings everything together on a strategic level in Multi Project Management Flow.

Nearly everybody considers it a pleasure to work with Menno. He is a clear, logical thinker and will never press his opinion upon you. He is upright, does not hide behind management speak, and commits himself to the goals of people he works with.

Menno shares a passion for wild orchids with his wife and two cats and loves to stroll through wild Scandinavian forests hunting for good pictures.

Prof. Dr. Emmo MeijerProf. Dr. Emmo Meijer

Senior Innovation Manager

When Emmo Meijer started at Royal DSM, the company was known for its production of bulk chemicals. When he took his leave as President DSM Research and Chief Technology Officer, spanning a period wherein DSM transformed into primarily a life-sciences company, Emmo had made his reputation of an innovation leader.

Later, Emmo served Unilever and FrieslandCampina in the role of R&D director and disseminated his knowledge in a multitude of advisory positions as well. Amongst others, he is a board member at some top universities, chairman of the strategic advisory board TNO Industry, Director of the Royal Dutch Society for Science, Ambassador of the National Program for Circular Economy, Chairperson of the Dutch Chemical sector and advisor to a number of venture capital funds and industries. On behalf of the European Commission, he is in the chair of the EIT Raw Materials.

Emmo is a partner in finding ways to meet the innovation challenges of various organisations. His advice is especially sought after in innovation processes that seem to be stuck.

Emmo is married with two children and lives in Limburg.

Wolfram MüllerWolfram Mülle

Digitisation Advisor and Senior Implementation Manager

Wolfram Müller is synonymous with agile speed. He got the taste of speeding up project management organisations when he was head of the Project Management Office at 1&1 Internet AG (GMX, web.de) and expanded his skills ever since.

Wolfram is an internationally highly recognised expert in the field of Multi Project Management Flow and author of many books like “Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance – The TameFlow Approach and its Application to Scrum and Kanban” and “The CIO’s Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance: Applying the Best of Critical Chain, Agile and Lean“.

At Mobilé 4 Flow & Innovation Wolfram is in charge of digitization. His Change Base Solution secures that Multi-Project Management Flow-implementations are supported with the best possible digital solutions. But Wolfram is much more than that. Due to his extensive experience and deep knowledge, he is a dependable coach and sounding board who makes any Multi-Project Management Flow implementation into a success.

Wolfram lives in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe with his wife and two sons and is a fanatic underwater rugby player.

John van der SteurJohn van der Steur

Senior Advisor Team Flow

John van der Steur is the founder of Insights Benelux, a Human Effectiveness company based in the Netherlands. He is a team development expert who has helped management teams and sports teams to achieve high performance. Amongst the teams he has worked with are the gold medal-winning Dutch women’s hockey team at the London Olympics and the Management Teams of Air France/KLM and Nike.

John helps to harmonise and optimise the impact of different personality and working styles of team individuals. This is very beneficial to innovation and multi project management. Flow is achieved by utilising the full spectrum of problem-solving capabilities available to humans as opposed to ending up in grave conflicts because of individual differences.

John is an innovative thinker, seasoned facilitator and the author of “The Power of Polarities” and “First, Know Your Self“.

John currently lives in Austin (Texas), one of America’s most vibrant and innovative tech communities. He is the father of two tall Dutch girls.