The energy transition, climate adaptation and the Dutch V&R task in infrastructure are examples of challenges for which organisations must make the best possible use of their limited capacity. Innovations and projects must be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Innovation FLOW enables the (process) innovations that are needed for a future-proof infrastructure and the energy transition. Project Portfolio FLOW helps improve your project organisation’s performance by > 20% with equal team strength and less stress.

If you are looking for proven approaches that boost (process) innovations and improve your project organisation´s performance, we are happy to contribute.

The innovation cycle

  1. Innovation FLOW enables (process) innovations for the challenges of our times.
  2. Project Portfolio FLOW accelerates project execution and frees up capacity for innovation.

How can you know if flow techniques are applicable in your organisation?

Step 1a Make a Root Cause Analyses

How can you know if flow techniques are applicable in your organisation and will move the organisation forward? You want to avoid applying new techniques that will not provide solutions to your situation. A good start is to first identify the bottlenecks.

To that end, our offer is to do a root cause analysis of the challenges and problems. This can be done faster than you might think. A couple of talks with you and your team and in-depth interviews with employees form a good basis for finding the bottlenecks. This will give you answers on how to effectively solve the biggest problems in your organisation in the simplest way possible.

The insights from the root cause analysis also reveal whether and to what extent flow techniques can contribute to the solution.

Step 1b or Take a FLOW Deep Dive


When your organisation faces new challenges, you must not over-analyse. An example of a huge new challenge is the need to renovate many more infrastructure objects than before. Building new infrastructure for sustainable energy is another example. New innovative ways of working are required to get all this work done.

We are very experienced in increasing the flow of projects in complex project organisations. In order to find out if this can also work in your organisation, we invite you to take the FLOW Deep Dive.

Flow techniques are process innovations. A FLOW Deep Dive is a way to explore them and learn if and how they can be applied to the context of your organisation. Flow experts sit down with key people from your organisation. Together they take a close look at processes in the light of new challenges and innovative solutions and develop a plan for improved ways of working.

Step 2: The FLOW Serious Game

Seeing is believing. Most people are fully convinced when they can experience the impact of the solutions first-hand. The FLOW Serious game demonstrates how you can significantly increase project throughput by unloading the bottleneck.

In the FLOW Serious Game, we can run through the solutions with your teams. People will experience that stress decreases and project throughput increases when the resource bottleneck is unloaded. This is the scarcest function group in the project organisation, welders for example or system engineers. If the scarcest function group can work unhindered, its productivity, and therefore the productivity of the entire organisation, soars. And people start to enjoy their work again.

The fun, by the way, also applies to the FLOW Serious Game itself. In the words of one client: “The FLOW Serious Game was very revealing and also a lot of fun”.

„The FLOW Serious Game was very revealing and also a lot of fun“.

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