FLOW Software

There is project management software and there is FLOW software. Project management software has been around for a long time. Alas, without many benefits. According to the infamous Gartner studies, or a report in The Economist[i], most projects take too long, exceed the budget or don’t deliver the agreed quality, often all three at the same time. Why is that?

A quote attributed to Albert Einstein states: “Insanity is doing the same things again and again and expecting different results.” Most project management software automates and facilitates existing practices. For example, it allows you to manage more details with less effort. But what if bringing more detail into your schedule is slowing down the flow of projects?  

Here is where FLOW software comes in. FLOW software supports better practices. Practices that increase both the speed and quality of your projects. Practices like not overloading professionals, good work preparation, focusing, synchronising tasks at the strategic level and fast issue resolution of just those issues that hinder flow.

There will never be one software solution which is best for every project organisation. As Mobilé 4 flow is not bound to one software vendor, we can help you select and implement the software that best suits your situation.

There is one solution we like to highlight. The Project Portfolio Digital Twin allows you to make scenario analyses on your project portfolio and compare the effects of different project management techniques. The Project Portfolio Digital Twin has been developed by our partner Goldratt Research Labs.

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Fig 1. With scenario analyses, the PP Digital Twin calculates the best techniques for your organisation

With the Project Portfolio Digital Twin, you can learn from experiments to find out which project management techniques work best in your organisation. As the Digital Twin creates a virtual reality parallel to your project organisation, you run no risk of disrupting the current operation.

When you are a CEO, Operational Director or Project Management Office Manager you can Schedule your tactics call today and learn more. You can also book us to organise your next strategy meeting around an analysis of your project organisation, using the Project Portfolio Digital Twin.

[i] An international comparison by The Economist shows that infrastructure projects delay on average by 70% measured in terms of money, and by 61% measured in time. (The Economist, 2021 Jan 2nd, Getting off the ground. Is an infrastructure boom in the works?)