The Project Portfolio Digital Twin

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Minimises risks and identifies chances to increase project output

The Project Portfolio Digital Twin was developed by our partner Goldratt Research labs. It enables you to:

  • identify and mitigate risks that cannot be identified using existing planning software;
  • find out which project management method suits your organisation best
  • develop strategies to improve Project Portfolio Performance with lower costs.

The Project Portfolio Digital Twin can be built in a short time using information from your organization, such as project plans and org charts. It Allows you to experiment in a virtual reality that resembles your project organisation enough to get reliable results, without interfering in real projects or putting them at risk.

Fig. 1:  SAFe  is one of the available frameworks to get to grips with complex project portfolios. 

Project portfolios are notoriously difficult to manage. In a world that is increasingly dominated by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA-world) project managers experience that is extremely hard to achieve time and cost commitments. The Project Portfolio Digital Twin enables project managers to identify and mitigate risks that cannot be identified using existing project management software. With the PP Digital Twin, they can perform sensitivity analyses on all possible risk factors, such as availability of staff and supply chain reliability. This helps to reduce the risk that your projects run late or that budgets are overrun *.

Fig. 2: Sensitivity analyses on all possible risk factors reduce the chance that projects delay.

The PP Digital Twin also helps to identify opportunities to accelerate project execution. Many project management methods claim to be the holy grail for better project management: Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Critical Chain, Kanban and classical waterfall compete for your approval to become the method of choice. How do you decide what works best for you?

With the PP Digital Twin, you can learn from strategic experiments to find out which method works best in your organisation. As the Digital Twin creates a virtual reality parallel to your project organisation, you run no risk of disrupting the current operation.

Fig 3. With scenario analyses, the PP Digital Twin calculates the best project management method for your organisation.

When you are a CEO, Operational Director or Project Management Office Manager the Project Portfolio Digital Twin can help you to compare project management methods. The comparisons are made based on input from your organisation, so the results fit the situation in which your organisation finds itself.

Schedule your tactics call today to learn more. Or consider the possibility of organising your next strategy meeting around the analysis of your project organization, using the Project Portfolio Digital Twin.

1 An international comparison by The Economist shows that infrastructure projects delay on average by 70% measured in terms of money, and by 61% measured in time. (The Economist, 2021 Jan 2nd, Getting off the ground. Is an infrastructure boom in the works?)