We bring energy to your transition.
When you load your project portfolio to the max,
you´ll get minimal flow.
When you load your project portfolio smartly,
you´ll get maximal flow.

We at Mobilé believe that humanity needs an enlightened kind of capitalism that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and a diversity of enterprises and organisations to meet society’s changing needs.

To lower long-run energy prices Europe should accelerate the renewables revolution.

November 26th 2022

It takes ingenuity to innovate and come up with solutions to today’s challenges, such as zero-carbon energy or future-proof infrastructure. Usually, human ingenuity is organised in projects. However, many organisations struggle with uncertainty and complexity in project execution and lose time and money because projects are not finished on time. If you could execute projects reliably you would increase the output of your project organisation. Moreover, you could allocate more of people’s time to innovation projects.

Contributing in an effective way to today´s challenges is a huge motivation for professionals.

Increased projects output, effective innovation and a motivated workforce put your organisation in pole position to contribute to the challenges of future-proof infrastructure and the energy transition.


Do you want your organisation to:

  • Innovate for challenges like the energy transition or climate adaptation;
  • Make better use of its capacities and human ingenuity;
  • Attract and motivate highly professional people?

We are experts at Innovation FLOW and Project Portfolio FLOW. We have a track record of improving innovation processes and project portfolio performance with > 20%.

Before working with us our clients tell us:

“We consider ourselves a high tech company, however we are not that successful at innovation at all. We have no time to innovate. We do not even find the time to prepare our projects as well as we would like to. Which new techniques will help us to focus on what really matters?”
“In the world of infrastructure everybody knows that more often than not projects delay and both clients and contractors lose money.
I´ve heard of the Project Portfolio FLOW approach.
How is that going to help us?
Tevreden klant vrouw
“Actually the whole of project management is messed up: due dates are not reliable and resource planning is chaotic. We missed out on new project management approaches and software that really make a difference to project portfolio performance.”

After working with us our clients say:

“Kerstin and Willem are different from off-the-shelf consultants. They have helped us with their detailed, customized approach and their experience to find the best way to improve the performance of our project portfolio.”
Hans van Noort, Manager Project Office TotalEnergies Gas Mobility
“I found both the master class and the subsequent discussions with Ian and Willem very inspiring. They provided good ideas for de project portfolio approach in Amsterdam.”
Michiel Waitz – Manager Kernteam Realisatie Bruggen en Kademuren
Michiel Waitz
Henk Kamp
“Emmo Meijer is one of the greatest industrial scientists of our time, he changed the world of the chemical and food sector and also the world of many young professionals with his eye for human talent.”
Henk Kamp – Dutch minister of economic affairs at the occasion of Emmo´s nomination as Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau
“Willem manages to introduce new insights while engaging his audience, using the energy and dynamics within the organization.”
Wout Jansens – CEO at Jumbo Maritime
“Richard Smal did a potential analysis to find out what we could gain with Projects flow. It resulted in useful new insights to improve the performance of our project portfolio.”
Berry Krouwel, Managing Director at Stam&Co, Infratechniek B.V.
“At Polaroid Willem did a root cause analyses with us. It was very helpful in finding out where to focus on in our organisational development.”
Els Rijpstra – Global Human Resource Manager at Polaroid
Els Rijpstra
Andre Kriger
“Thanks to The CIO´s Guide by Wolfram Müller and others we work in fewer parallel projects now and deliver twice as much. Due date reliability doubled from 33% to 80%, on time and within budget.
It has been a very fun journey for everyone.”
Andre Kriger – CIO at VIVO
“I know Menno Graaf as co-innovator of improved project performance solutions and as a really great thinking partner.
I recommend him without hesitation.”
Peter Crossly – Global Services Director, Asia North at Finastra

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