Wolfram Müller

Digitisation Advisor and Implementation Manager

Wolfram Müller

About Wolfram

Wolfram Müller is synonymous with agile speed. He got the taste of speeding up project management organisations when he was head of the Project Management Office at 1&1 Internet AG (GMX, web.de) and expanded his skills ever since.

Wolfram is an internationally highly recognised expert in the field of Multi Project Management Flow and author of many books like “Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance – The TameFlow Approach and its Application to Scrum and Kanban” and “The CIO’s Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance: Applying the Best of Critical Chain, Agile and Lean“.

At Mobilé 4 Flow & Innovation Wolfram is in charge of digitization. His Change Base Solution secures that Projects Portfolio FLOW-implementations are supported with the best possible digital solutions. But Wolfram is much more than that. Due to his extensive experience and deep knowledge, he is a dependable coach and sounding board who makes any Portfolio FLOW implementation into a success.

Wolfram lives in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe with his wife and two sons and is a fanatic underwater rugby player.