Willem de Wit

Founder & Managing Director

Willem de Wit

About Willem

Willem de Wit holds a Master in Philosophy from the University of Leiden. He continues his quest for truth in the field of leadership and organisations. He is not easily satisfied with answers and will keep asking questions until it is clear what will work in practice.

Philosophical rigour makes it clear that good solutions turn out to be ineffective when applied to the wrong case. Agile project management is a good example. It works perfectly well in single software development projects but needs amendments to improve FLOW and output on an overall level.

Willem organises Innovation Dialogues with experts in the field and C-level leaders. According to many the format he uses is strong, because it brings about the real underlying issues that help boost innovation. In Willems vision combining Projects Portfolio FLOW with Innovation FLOW generates maximal leaps in the short- and long run productivity of organisations.

Willem lives in the Netherlands and Germany. He has a partner and two little daughters to whom he devotes his private time.