Richard Smal

Implementation Manager

Richard Smal

About Richard

Richard started his career in the steel industry implementing MRP 1 systems and ISO 9000. Subsequently he worked as a consultant in material handling in South Africa. His primary interest was in the simulation of proposed solutions and in implementing these.

From developing simulated solutions, Richard moved on to finite scheduling and later founded an ERP consulting company which grew rapidly to about 30 people. In this organization next to his director function he developed a management consulting division, which primarily focused on ensuring that the customers were getting enhanced value from the use of technology through FLOW based solutions.

After selling his company, Richard moved to implementing FLOW based solutions worldwide with Goldratt Consulting and did assignments in the US, Canada, Africa and Europe.

Richard has a Bsc in Industrial Engineering from the Tilburg Institute of Technology, with specializations in logistics Management and Quality Management. He also has an Executive MBA (with distinction) from Business School Netherlands, with special honors for the best operations management assignment is his year. He has further specialized himself in Theory of Constraints.

Richard has worked in the following industries and industry sectors: Defense, Sugar, ICT, FMCG, Automotive, Consumer goods, Cables, Chemicals, Electronics, High-Tech, Juices, Pallet manufacturing, Ports, Mining, Engineering, Food and Beverage, Printing, Packaging, Transport and Logistics, Textiles, Forestry, Electrical utilities and Paper.

Richard is happily married and is the proud father of two girls. After spending more than 15 years travelling the world and living in South Africa he has settled back in the Netherlands in 2005. He now lives in the historical village of Oirschot “Monument in Green”, in the South of the Netherlands.