Niels Mani

Senior Expert Innovation & Project Portfolio Flow

Niels Mani

About Niels

With his background as a hydrodynamic engineer and an entrepreneur in event logistics project management, the Flow approach fits Niels like a glove.

Niels built his own business early on and experienced first-hand how Flow and Critical Chain techniques can have an amazing impact on the performance of project portfolios.

To have a bigger impact, Niels switched from entrepreneurship to consulting and lecturing. He teaches at NEOMA Business School in Paris. He enjoys sharing his expertise with people in organisations who want to change the world for the better.

His expertise focuses on Engineering to Order in shipbuilding, infrastructure and offshore.

Niels lives in the “make it happen” city of Rotterdam with his wife and son and spends most of his free time sailing on the water or enjoying the tranquillity of forests.