Menno Graaf

Senior Implementation Manager

Menno Graaf

About Menno

It would need many words to describe Menno Graaf‘s contribution to Project Portfolio FLOW because he facilitated so many implementations, among them worldwide large scale ones.

Just check his LinkedIn Profile to see them all. The summary, however, can be kept short: Menno has seen it all, from Agile to Lean, and he brings everything together on a strategic level in Project Portfolio FLOW.

Nearly everybody considers it a pleasure to work with Menno. He is a clear, logical thinker and will never press his opinion upon you. He is upright, does not hide behind management speak, and commits himself to the goals of people he works with.

Menno shares a passion for wild orchids with his wife and two cats and loves to stroll through wild Scandinavian forests hunting for good pictures.