John van der Steur

Senior Advisor Team FLOW

Emmo Meijer

About John

John van der Steur is the founder of Insights Benelux, a Human Effectiveness company based in the Netherlands. He is a team development expert who has helped management teams and sports teams to achieve high performance. Amongst the teams he has worked with are the gold medal-winning Dutch women’s hockey team at the London Olympics and the Management Teams of Air France/KLM and Nike.

John helps to harmonise and optimise the impact of different personality and working styles of team individuals. This is beneficial to innovation as well as multi project management. Flow is achieved by utilising the full spectrum of problem-solving capabilities available to humans as opposed to ending up in grave conflicts because of individual differences.

John is an innovative thinker, seasoned facilitator and the author of “The Power of Polarities” and “First, Know Your Self“.

John currently lives in Austin (Texas), one of America’s most vibrant and innovative tech communities. He is the father of two tall Dutch girls.