Hugo van Merrienboer

Senior Innovation Expert

Hugo van Merrienboer

About Hugo

Hugo van Merrienboer is Gyro Gearloose incarnated. A purebred Rotterdammer, his thinking is solution-oriented and he has created an impressive list of innovations as a result. To name a few: advanced ultrasonic research (Phased Array) for complex welding geometries on ‘hot-taps’, pipeline inspection (‘remote sensing’) via aerospace applications and introduction of the RB-SIMS for marine production platforms (Risk Based – Structural Integrity Management – BOIP 128859). The measured deviations from Natural Frequencies are thereby checked against construction-specific risk contours allowing significant savings on inspection and maintenance costs.

Hugo is not only interested in the innovation itself, he is also fascinated by the innovation process as a process. Years ago, he noticed that the more an organisation deviates from TQM principles, the more efforts and costs are necessary to assimilate innovative technologies.

Within a ‘zero defects’ oriented organisation, innovation is almost a given and takes place ‘seamlessly’ and continuously. The societal interests and impact of the innovative product play a leading role and should be carefully considered. How different is it if an organisation lacks key TQM conditions in the aspects of Policy & Strategy, HRM, Process Control, Asset Management and Management Attitude, and advocacy is also not included in these elements. The greater the deviations, the more difficult innovation projects will be or the more likely they will fail prematurely.

Because the perfect (TQM) organisation does not exist and because innovation is a must to survive in the long run, Hugo has developed a pragmatic innovation model (BOIP 140528) that can turn almost any innovative initiative into a success.

In conversations that followed an initial meeting between Hugo and Willem, Hugo’s innovation model proved to be a welcome addition to Mobilé 4 flow’s innovation techniques. The intention to join forces and work together is a logical next step.

Hugo lives in beautiful Brummen in the Veluwe region with his partner. His son, a mechanical engineer with masters in advanced engineering and business administration, is prepped to succeed or, who knows, exceed his father.

Relaxing Hugo does just as creatively as exerting himself: in his spare time, Hugo meritoriously paints architecture in landscapes.

Painting from Hugo van Merrienboer