Frank Weghs

Implementation Manager/Associate Partner

Frank Weghs

About Frank

In his first career, Frank Weghs was a Fighter Pilot and Flight Instructor in the German Airforce with the Rank of Lieutenant Colonel. As military professionals retire at the age of 41 Frank chose a second career as implementation manager of Project Portfolio flow in multi- project organisations.

The taste for supersonic speed, which Frank developed as a jet fighter pilot, predisposed him to the Project Portfolio flow methods on the strategic level of project organisations. Frank also masters agile and scrum techniques for team-level project execution.

Frank distinguishes himself by a can-do mentality and perseverance. In his own words: Throughout my flying career, from training to international exercises, there have been many challenges that initially seemed insurmountable. But I have been able to experience that with the right analytical approach and the necessary perseverance, all of these tasks were solvable. The basis for these successes was sound training, a strategic as well as planned approach and the necessary perseverance to reliably accomplish the task at hand in a goal- oriented manner. I was also able to apply this knowledge and approach in the field of project management, achieving the same positive results.

Frank is happily married and is the proud father of a son of schoolboy age. He lives near Cologne and very much appreciates the reasons why this city is said to be the most northern Italian town.