In a first reaction to crises, many feel that companies must build walls to protect themselves from weak demand. This is a rational choice, as it leads to preserving operational income.

Something to bear in mind however is that, because crises are disruptive, we are now experiencing exceptional opportunities to adapt and replace old business models with new ones.

Innovation capitalises on changing realities in disruptive times. Enterprises that innovate secure their operational income on a sustainable basis and will gain most from the economic recovery that comes next.

The innovation cycle

We at Mobilé help your company to seize the opportunities offered by the crisis to take your business to its next level.

  1. Remote Coordinated Working gives real-time overview and information on progress.
  2. Multi Project Management Flow boosts output and frees up capacity for innovation.
  3. Innovation Flow delivers new products and services during the crisis and beyond.
  4. The Leverage Scan helps you to find the leverage point with the greatest possible impact.

Remote Coordinated Working
Gives real-time overview on progress

The Corona-crisis induces many companies to work remotely. This comes with advantages: people spend less time commuting, and at their homes many are better able to focus. There are disadvantages as well. Many leaders struggle to get an overview and to determine where support is needed. Video conferencing suits very well for discussing complicated topics. For keeping overview, however, it is too laborious and tiring.

Techniques like Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and Multi Project Management Flow have been developed to manage complicated project portfolios. They deliver the solutions for remote work as well. Remote Coordinated Working gives insight and clarity into dependencies and priorities of work packages. It makes it possible that people of the whole organisation, no matter in which team or where they are located, work in a coordinated way. Leaders get real time information on times-to-completion, which enables them to pinpoint where support or call for action is needed.

If you are interested we are happy to demonstrate a demo how Remote Coordinated Working can save your time and energy, while boosting results. You can request a demo by sending an email or by scheduling a strategy call at the bottom of this page.

The innovation cycle

Multi Project Management Flow
More output and capacity for innovation

Crises increase pressure on organisations. Not only must the operational business continue, special projects to guarantee business continuity compete for both management attention and resources now. On top of it all innovation projects deserve extra priority, as innovation is the way to capitalise on changing realities. Best practices in multi project management should offer relief. However in practice it is often chaotic. As a consequence, due dates cannot be relied upon and output of multi project management organisations are at suboptimal levels.

While all the talk is about Agile and Lean, by a few decision on the strategic level the output of most project management portfolios can be leveraged by > 15%, while due date performance can be increased up to >95% with the same staff and less stress. Multi Project Management Flow boosts the output of project management organisations and frees up capacity for innovation. Besides Multi Project Management Flow reduces chaos and stress.

With Multi Project Management Flow we can help you to manage and improve the output of your project organisation and free up capacity for special projects and innovation.

The innovation cycle
Innovation Flow
New products and services in the crisis and beyond

In pre-Corona times there was a general feeling among leaders that their companies could do a better job regarding innovation. Many did not give the issue a high priority as business was booming. Now that the economy goes into reverse this has changed. Deglobalisation, remote working and higher debt ratios add to the disruptions we already experienced, like the ending oil era, digitisation and climate change. As a consequence, many old business models are endangered.

Disruptions have an upside as well: they provide clear starting points for innovation. This crisis makes it very clear that the economic sense of innovation is to find solutions for the challenges that encounter people as well as societies. This is what is meant by: “building windmills for the winds of change.” Disruptions are drivers for innovation.

We help enterprises to figure out which disruptions fit best to their competences and pose opportunities for innovation. We also advise how to unchain the creativity of people and improve their teamwork. The innovation process really takes off with a process of stakeholder involvement, increasing investment readiness and technological advancement. We offer a format for this process and are happy to advice for and facilitate a process from ideation to focussed realisation.

The innovation cycle
The Leverage Scan
Find the leverage point with the greatest possible impact

Organisations are complex, even more so in crises. They are about competition, defining a market, finding a business model, strategy, innovation, marketing, sales, operations, finance, recruiting & selecting, people management, self management, leadership etc. Leaders take responsibility for the whole but, that being the case, run into a catch-22: how can you oversee a system that you are a part of?

So the bad thing about organisational complexity is that it is hard to see what the best starting point would be to improve the output. The good thing about that however is that organisations have only one such a point at a time. The analogy of the bottleneck helps to make this clear. Think for example of the problems in your organisation that curb the output the most. (Note that these are not necessarily the problems that attract most attention…) Identifying this bottleneck and making it productive unleashes the content of the bottle, that is to say the potential of your organisation, in the most effective way.

The Leverage Scan incorporates a whole body of knowledge about leadership and organisations. It helps you to identify the leverage point to change with the greatest possible impact. We are happy to share this tool with you, either onsite or in a videoconference. When you are interested to find out how it can contribute in your situation, please send an email or schedule a strategy call.

The innovation cycle

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